New Philanthropy Benchmarking











J-InterSect'S founding principles are based on the seminal publication New Philanthropy Benchmarking: Wisdom for the Passionate ("NPB").

The unabashedly ambitious mission of NPB is to inspire intense competition among passionate capitalists/philanthropists and provide essential wisdoms to initiate radically transformative change within the social sector.

The power and compelling attractiveness of NPB is its ability to assist leaders within J-InterSect's nexus to multiply the impact of their resource investments relative to similar initiatives and at the same time minimize risk.

NPB adopts an unmistakably advocacy position for the greater adoption of benchmarking and high value-add best practices within the JIS nexus. NPB builds on a synergistic collaboration of commercial sector benchmarking, progressive intersectoral practices, and contemporary financial market analytical tools.

The NPB wisdoms on performance improvement within the nexus of the commercial and social sectors are analogous to what Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis is to the value investing.