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(57 Titles as of November 2018)

American Households Receiving Government Assistance

Apprenticeships that Offer Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees

Challenging the Myths of Government Educating Children Ages 3 and 4

Cost Analysis of US Census 2010

Detecting and Minimizing Non-individual Tax Evasion

Developing Casino Tourism in Europe and the Middle East

Educating on the Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Eliminating Government Overpayment for Goods and Services

EU Social Spending: Assessing the Credibilityof Merkel's and Cameron's Claim that the EU Accounts for 50% of the World's Social Spending

Examining the Relationship between Non-Government and Government Employee Post-Employment Costs

Examining the Relationship between Private Sector and Public Sector Employee Compensation

Governments Increasing Volunteerism to Clean Up and Repair Public Property

Internet-Based Platforms for "Values" Education

Late Stage Breast Cancer Treatment

Managing Crises in Intra-Country Economic Confidence

Managing the Cost and Social Return of Retired Government Employees

Maximizing GDP Absolute Value Through Compilations and Calculations

Minimizing the Negative GDP Impact of Government Expenditure Consolidation

Non-G6 Countries Successfully Paying Back Sovereign Debt with Maturities of Greater than 20 Years

Overview of Levies in Greece

Overview of Levies in the European Union

Projecting Changing in Components of GDP

Providing Student Loans for Primary Education

Reducing Government Wasteful Spending of Philanthropic Funds

Removing Graffiti

Taxes on Financial Transactions

Universities Teaching Creativity