InterSectoral Verticals

J-InterSect provides super insightful excel-based global benchmark and high value-add analyses within the intersectoral space (the intersection of the commercial sector and the social sector) in five verticals. 

Our analyses focus on providing intersectoral stakeholders with the intelligence to generate high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the 3-Highs).  Our analyses are used to improve performance by learning from global benchmarks and adopting high value-add best practices, expanding internal and external training, evaluating new investment decisions, and enabling independent third-party verification (the 4-Ways).

The intersectoral space is at the very early stage, but long overdue, of rapidly advancing their missions by utilizing global benchmark and high value-add best practice research and analysis.  The intersectoral space’s managers are increasingly realizing that they can and will be held accountable for leading their organizations to accomplish the 3-Highs.  We are in a new world for legacy managers in the intersectoral space who will find J-InterSect’s global benchmark and high value-add analyses essential to their organization’s transformation.  The world is rapidly changing and the intersectoral space has the potential to have a vastly higher growth rate than the commercial sector or the social sector.

J-InterSect has five verticals for its research and analysis within the intersectoral space that hold both great potential and ominous risks: (1) disruptive technologies, (2) economic development, (3) ESG, (4) infrastructure, and (5) public-private-partnerships.

Disruptive Technologies: Disruptive technologies are as positively applicable to the intersectoral space – the intersection of the commercial and social sectors  –  as they are to either the commercial sector and the social sector individually.   Intersectoral stewards need to know and use the global benchmarks and high value-add best practices is vastly greater than the commercial sector, as the later has widely embraced the importance of disruptive technologies to advance their missions while the social sector remains largely untouched.  J-InterSect’s scope of purview of disruptive technologies includes not only digital technologies but also new human capital management technologies, including artificial intelligence.  To some extent, disruptive technologies touch every area under the supervision of management in the intersectoral space.

Economic Development:  Economic development has taken on new meaning as an increasingly interconnected world struggles with chronic challenges including slow growth and the diminishing economic impact of debt across all sectors.  The awareness of global benchmarks and high value-add best practices offers tools to significantly magnify the impact of investments in the intersectoral space and -indeed- can turn potentially value destructive initiatives into those that create significant value creation.  J-InterSect’s seminal Citizens’ Wealth metrics provides the framework with which the impact of economic development can be measured and managed using J-InterSect research.

ESG:  With unforeseen power, ESG is becoming an essential consideration and growing opportunity in the intersectoral space.  Using global benchmarks and high value-add best practices offers great potential in this emerging vertical.  Confusion and misconceptions, both unintentional and intentional, are pervasive.  Global benchmarks are emerging in the most unexpected geographies and sectors, which increases the value of J-InterSect’s global and niche specialist research.  New ESG groups and protocols are developing almost daily and benefit greatly from the independent and specialist research of J-InterSect.

Infrastructure:  Infrastructure projects are facing a transformational new interest in investment following decades of neglect.  And, importantly, the definition of infrastructure is morphing to become much more inclusive and comprehensive.  J-InterSect’s research in this vertical expansively covers all the highest impact areas.  Steward’s responsible in this vertical greatly benefit by knowing global benchmarks, high value-add best practices, and the intelligence of the most knowledgeable experts in the world.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs):  Public-private partnership have ebbed and flowed over the past half-century and maybe longer.  We are now facing a resurgence in PPPs.  There is great optimism within the intersectoral space to address highly recalcitrant challenges.  There is also a credible concern that PPPs can be abused aided by accounting that seeks to misrepresent financial reality.  J-InterSect’s expertise in this vertical offers its customers the opportunity to quickly distinguish credible global benchmarks and high value-add best practices from those finely media tuned but also not based on reality which can seed value destructive decisions.

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