Founded in 2002, J-InterSect is a best-in-class specialist research firm that within five intersectoral verticals identifies and analyzes global benchmarks, high value-add best practices, and the intelligence of most knowledgeable specific experts in the world.

J-InterSect’s five intersectoral verticals of research include disruptive technologies, economic development, ESG, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships.

J-InterSect has produced 448 reports and has identified and analyzed 1,400+ global benchmarks, 1,800+ high value-add benchmarks, and the intelligence of 6,000+ of the most knowledgeable specific experts. 

J-InterSect has a library of Research Reports (RRs) and confidential Rapid Response Reports (3Rs) that provide information, analysis, and intelligence that empower the reader to accomplish the “3-Highs”:
(i) high value-add,
(ii) high return on resources, and
(iii) high impact

J-InterSect intersectoral research improves performance primarily in “4-Ways”:
1. Embracing global benchmarks and high value-add best practices;
2. Expanding internal and external training;
3. Evaluating new investment decisions;
4. Enabling independent third-party verification.

Reports utilize JIS proprietary “ABCs” production process to:
(A.) analyze global benchmarks and high value-add best practices,
(B.) build relationships with successful global experts, and
(C.) create reports that are vastly superior to existing research.

JIS internal only corporate university (JISU) provides its Research Professionals with continuous training on the “3-Highs”, the “4-Ways”, and the ABCs Production Process in five verticals. 

In 2020, J-InterSect Research Professionals had an average 15 years of continuous training and produced an average 49 research reports.

Beginning in December 2021, JIS will release select reports from the library for online purchase.

JIS research is guided by the principles of the seminal book New Philanthropy Benchmarking (“NPB”).

J-InterSect is an affiliate of The Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation.

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