J-InterSect has two research products that create high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the “3-Highs”) by assisting organizations to identify and implement global benchmarks and high value-add best practices.

I. Research Report Library

The J-InterSect Research Report (RR) Library contains more than 400 research reports immediately available for licensed use and JIS has a backlog of 48 RRs as of September 2021. J-InterSect’s five sectors of research include disruptive technologies, economic development, ESG, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships.

RR Prices:

YearAAA-Rated RRsAA-Rated RRsA-Rated RRs
2016 – EarlierUS$2,000US$1,000US$500

II. Proprietary Research Reports

Proprietary Research Reports (PRRs) are requested from organizations seeking global benchmark and high value-add best practice knowledge. Customized Research generally is completed within 30 to 90 days.

PRR Prices: US$50,000 to US$500,000

* Support available for philanthropic organizations seeking to improve performance through JIS products and services.

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