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Each research report is produced by professionals who have been trained through a proprietary Knowledge Creation Process at J-InterSect University. Each research report is rigorously rated for high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the “3-Highs”).

As of January 2021, J-InterSect has a library of 424 research reports, discovered 1,300+ global benchmarks and 1,700+ high value-add best practices related to the “3-Highs”, and a backlog of 42 research reports.

J-InterSect research reports are built through a proprietary process with a focus on improving performance through the “3-Highs. The processes include J-InterSect‘s proprietary ABCs covering approximately 140 countries:
(A.) Analyze global benchmarks and their high value-add best practices;
(B.) Build relationships with highly successful global experts on the topic;
(C.) Create research reports that are vastly superior to existing single source research.

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