J-InterSect team has produced 441 research reports as of November 2021.

Each research report is produced by a team of J-InterSect professionals through a proprietary Knowledge Creation Process. Research Analysts receive customized continuing education and training from J-InterSect University. The coursework starts with a focus on developing critical thinking skills in research, analysis, and writing (CT-RAW). Every day the importance of these skills become more valuable. Research Analysts average more than 15 years with J-InterSect. Research Analysts have produced an average of 49 research reports. Research Analysts have advanced degrees from well-regarded institutions.

All team members share the same “Value Creation” KPIs:
#1. Innovativeness
#2. Leadership
#3. Quality and Quantity of Output
#4. Global Knowledge
#5. Positive Chemistry

Senior team member summary bios

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